Our Vision


Anthrocell Pty Ltd A�is an Australian biotechnology company working to dramatically enhance the clinical effectiveness and time to market of a range ofA�biopharmaceuticals.

The Anthrocell Expression System (ACXa�?) is a new generation production platform for biopharmaceuticals. A fully human expression system derived from human lymphocyte cells, ACXa�? is expected to significantly improve the clinical effectiveness of biologic drugs by yielding products with glycosylation and other post translational modifications that exactly match those of the human immune system.

The result is improved patient outcomes!

The company’s operations span the biopharmaceutical industrya��s value chain, from R&D to manufacturing, and are organised into three synergistic business units:

  • Anthrocell, the core business unit, focuses on licensing the ACX platform to drug developers and manufacturers.


  • Anthrocell Therapeutics (ACT) has developedA�a pipeline of Monoclonal Antibody products for breast cancer that presently in clinical (in vivo) development


  • Anthrocell Bioservices (ABS) is building a 2000L multi-product biomanufacturing facility that will operate as a CMO while also meeting the company’s need for production capacity

With a platform that offers enhanced clinical outcomes and R&D efficiencies that \reduce time to market, coupled withA�flexible manufacturing capacity that can be deployed to produce necessary clinical materials, AnthrocellA�is well placed to transform bio pharmaceutical production, with ACXa�?A� delivering superior performance at a lower cost.

Our vision is intelligent and affordable medicine for the 21st century.