Dr Galina Kaseko
Chief Executive Officer

Dr Kaseko is a co-founder of Anthrocell.A� A medical doctor with training in immunology and pediatric oncology, she has more than two decades of experience in biomedical research and managing multi-disciplinary biological product development projects in a commercial environment.

Since arriving in Australia, Dr. Kasekoa��s career has spanned academia and business. She held research and teaching roles at the University of New South Wales, was involved in the creation of several biotechnology firms, and been an active consultant in both private and public sectors.A� Her expertise includes development of human monoclonal antibodies, growth factors and soluble receptors, specific immunity of cancer, auto-immune and infectious diseases, R&D management, compliance policies (includingA�FDA and bio-safety regulations). Intellectual property strategy, and technology valuation. She authored numerous confidential expert reports and served as an expert witness. Dr Kaseko is a co-inventor of Anthrocella��s technology.

A Gold Medal Graduate from the First Moscow State Medical University she was awarded a special fellowship by Russiaa��s Health Minister to support her Doctoral studies.A� She was later personally selected by the President of the Russian Federation for a post-doctoral fellowship in the area of paediatric cancer. In addition to her medical qualifications, Dr. Kaseko holds a Masters degree in Corporate and Intellectual Property Law from The University of New South Wales and is an alumna of Harvard Business Schoola��s General Management Program.


Dr Tohsak Mahaworasilpa
Chief Scientific Officer

Dr Mahaworasilpa is a co-founder of Anthrocell, being an innovative inventor and researcher in the areas of cell biophysics, immunology and biotechnology.

His research interests in these fields include:A�the dynamics of biological cells in intense electric fields,A�the electrical properties of cell membranes,A�the effects of electric fields on the stability and survival of biological cells,A�the study of cell membrane breakdown,A�cell manipulation, stimulation and modification for the production ofA�biopharmaceutical products which can be useful for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes (e.g. vaccines, human stimulating proteins),A�tissue culture of mammalian and plant cells.

One of his groundbreaking researches in biological cell manipulation/modification has rendered him a holder of a world-wide patent, which laid the foundation for the development and commercialisation of a biotechnology company.

Dr MahaworasilpaA�holds a Bachelor of Science degree fromA�Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, a Master of Science in Medical Physics and a Doctor of Philosophy in Biophysics from theA�University of New South Wales.


Mr Jeff Egan
Government Relations Manager

Jeff Egan is a senior communications specialist with over 18 yearsa�� experience in stakeholder engagement, government relations, issues management, community consultation and public relations. He has experience in both the public and private sectors across a range of industries including: infrastructure, health and property.

Jeff has a comprehensive understanding of government having served as Ministerial Adviser in John Howarda��s Liberal/National Government and two terms as a Councillor on Blue Mountains City Council, including a period as Deputy Mayor.

Jeff Egan holds several post graduate qualifications in communications including: a Mastera��s Degree in Organisational Communication and Graduate Diploma in Communication both from Charles Sturt University, Graduate Certificate of Public Relations from Sydney TAFE , as well as a Bachelor of Education from Australian Catholic University. In addition he also has extensive training in community consultation and stakeholder engagement which includes completing the IAP2 Certificate Course.

He is a Member of both the Public Relations Institute of Australia and International Association for Public Participation.