Competitive Edge

Anthrocell leads the biotechnology industry using a fully humanA�expression system that more comprehensively covers a broader range of applications than any of its closest competitors.

Increasingly, not only the species-specific qualities ofA�proteins are gaining importance (being produced by human cells) but also the tissue-specific qualities (being produced by blood cells in the case ofA�mAbs). Anthrocella��s expression system is vastly superior to that of its competitors, guaranteeing human blood-derived identity andA�stability of its mAb expression.

Using a proprietary process developed in-house to produce the required proteins, the result is a much greater yield of biopharmaceutical proteins for the sameA�culture duration. This combining with the increased effectiveness of the biopharmaceuticals produced by Anthrocella��s process means producing a dose of a givenA�efficacy is significantly less costly than the equivalent using competing technologies, and carries a fraction of the risk of adverse side-effects.