R & D Collaboration

Anthrocell is committed to working with a variety ofA�research and business partners to further the deployment of the ACX platform.

We believe that organisations working on development of both novelA�mAb biopharmaceuticalsA�and biosimilar products would benefit from using ACX, as doing so is likely to enhance their development programs.

We are also looking forward to partnering with Australian and international organisations that may help with our current research priorities, in particular:

  • Optimisation ofA�serum free media conditions for achieving maximal cell growth andA�mAb yields.
  • Optimisation of theA�bioreactor protocol to scale up production for manufacturing.
  • Identification of new mAbs with the potential to benefit the greatest number of patients from their production as biobetters based on the ACXA�platform.

PleaseA�contact us to enquire about the potential for collaborating with Anthrocell on such projects.