ACX™ Expression Platform

The Anthrocell® Expression System (ACX™) is an innovative bio-pharmaceutical production platform. Biologic drugs produced with ACX™ have fully human glycosylation profiles and other Post Trabslational Modifications (PTMs), and thus work effectively with a patient’s immune system to achieve improved efficacy and reduced adverse side effects.

A growing body of evidence confirms that Post Translational Modifications, particularly glycosylation, have a substantial impact on protein structure, and thus the biological efficacy of biopharmaceutical drugs.

Biopharmaceuticals produced using non-human expression systems (such as CHO) have non-human glycosylation patterns and other PTMs.

They are recognised as foreign by a patient’s immune system, leading to:

  • reduced bio-efficacy
  • low half-life
  • adverse side effects
  • rejection

Biopharmaceuticals such as Monoclonal Antibodies (mABs) produced with ACX are recognised by the immune system as fully human, and so work better the immune system to deliver superior patient outcomes.

ACX is relevant for developers of both innovative drugs and biosimilars.

  • for innovative biopharmaceuticals, the higher bio-efficacy of ACX produced proteins improves the prospect of obtaining positive clinical trial results, thus minimising risks.  Further, ACX can allow products that previously failed clinical trials due to insufficient efficacy, or an unfavourable side-effect profile, to be re-launched with significant prospects of a superior result.
  • for biosimilars, with a 90 days timeline to develop a stable clone, AXCoffers a faster path to clinic and the prospect of superior clinical performance that would make the product a higher value “biobetter

The ACX platform is available for licensing for both commercial and research applications.