ACXa�? Expression Platform

The AnthrocellA� Expression System (ACXa�?) is an innovative bio-pharmaceutical production platform. Biologic drugs produced with ACXa�? have fully human glycosylation profiles and other Post Trabslational Modifications (PTMs), and thus work effectively with a patienta��s immune system to achieve improved efficacy and reduced adverse side effects.

A growing body of evidence confirms that Post Translational Modifications,A�particularly glycosylation, have a substantial impact on protein structure, and thus the biological efficacy of biopharmaceutical drugs.

BiopharmaceuticalsA�produced using non-human expression systems (such as CHO) have non-human glycosylation patterns and other PTMs.

They are recognised as foreign by a patient’s immune system, leading to:

  • reduced bio-efficacy
  • low half-life
  • adverse side effects
  • rejection

Biopharmaceuticals such asA�Monoclonal Antibodies (mABs) produced with ACX are recognised by the immune system as fully human, and soA�work better the immune system to deliver superior patient outcomes.

ACX is relevant for developers of both innovative drugs and biosimilars.

  • for innovative biopharmaceuticals, the higher bio-efficacy of ACXa�?A�produced proteins improves the prospect of obtaining positive clinical trial results, thus minimising risks. A�Further, ACXa�?A�can allow products that previously failed clinical trials due to insufficientA�efficacy, or an unfavourable side-effect profile, to be re-launched with significant prospects of a superior result.
  • for biosimilars, with a 90 days timeline to develop a stable clone, AXCa�? offers a faster path to clinic and the prospect of superior clinical performance that would make the product a higher value “biobetter

The ACXa�?A�platform is available for licensing for both commercial and research applications.