Product Pipeline

Anthrocell has deployed its ACX platform towards developing a pipeline of Bio-Better drugs. A�Our development program seeks to create ACX based versions of existing “off-patent” Monoclonal Antibody products, with aim of producing improved (“bio-better”) versions that, being more compatible with the human immune system, would provide superior clinical results through:

  • improvedA�efficacy, includingA�recruitment of the immune system’s effector function;
  • reduction in adverse side-effects;
  • extended time until development of resistance to treatment.

Our current pipeline consists of bio-better versions of two drugs solid tumour (Breast Cancer) drugs that have shown evidence of superior performance in laboratory (binding) studies, and are entering in-vivo development:

  • ACX-01: An ACX version of a US$6.5 Bn blockbuster drug targeting the Her2 Receptor
  • ACX-02:A�An ACX version of a US$1.5 Bn blockbuster drug targeting the Her2 Receptor

With ACX-01A�in-vivo development commencing in Q4/2017, management expects to be ready to proceed to an IND for human trials by the second half of 2018.